Shelby Prudhomme Mustang

(Orange County, CA) – Jim and Stacy are 281 Motorsports newest customers. I met them a few months ago as they came referred to us from several Team Shelby members. They arrived late last night from Shelby Auto’s in Las Vegas where they picked up there car which happens to be the very first car sold to the public, #4.

  • No. 1 was a Prototype sold at Barrett Jackson
  • No. 2 is owned by Carroll Shelby
  • No. 3 is owned by Don Prudhomme

And now #4 is in possession of Jim and Stacy from Idaho. Since this is the first Prudhomme Edition in the public as of right now until SAI finishes #5, this car carries some clout as Shelby’s badest car on the street PERIOD!! I had the privilege of driving this car today briefly, and what an AMAZING accomplishment for Carroll Shelby and Don Prudhomme!