Classic Styling Meets the 2015 Mustang

Okay, we’ve seen it before—each time a new generation of Mustang hits dealer lots you start to see the best and most revered Mustangs of past generations take to the skin of the newest car. Thanks to the full support of the aftermarket, re-creating these awesome Mustangs can be as simple as replacing a set list of body pieces and various styling parts.AmericanMuscle chose three well known Mustangs that would transfer well to the 2015 Mustang’s body lines and give you an idea of what you would have to do to have one of these icons in your driveway.

Underneath the louvers, custom hoods, uniquely designed headlights and various performance upgrades, all three— Bullitt, Iacocca and Eleanor—are essentially the same; they’re all production spec Mustangs. It’s the combination of a variety of different parts that bring their entire look together to form a style recognizable by most Mustang aficionados. Cars like these would not be possible without the full backing of a strong community of enthusiasts who demand the parts needed to make a custom Mustang of their own. The 2015 Mustang will be no different. Mustang owners want parts available to make their own classics.

What do you think of each concept? Leave a comment below, we want to know what you think. Then head over to AmericanMuscle to see how they created each Mustang concept and cast your vote for the best 2015 Parts Package.


Steve McQueen would be proud to whip around in this modern rendition of his unmistakable Dark Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 with over 400 horsepower under the hood of the 2015 Mustang, that Charger wouldn’t have put up quite the fight that it did back in 1968.

2015 Eleanor Concept


The Mustang that most embodies the pony car movement and the quest for utmost horsepower along with street level bragging right is most certainly Eleanor. Its raw, muscle car demeanor is backed up by equally intimidating 400+ horsepower V8.

2015 Iacocca Concept

Iacocca’s 45th anniversary Mustang was much more a rolling canvas with splashes of the very vest details from of each generation Mustang than it was simply another set of numbers in a run of limited edition cars. The body lines are full and run from nose all the way to the car’s fastback rear while smooth and minimalistic.