2012 RallyCross Launch Party

Huntington Beach, CA (May 12, 2012) – Olsbergs MotorSport Evolution (OMSE) and a few well known sponsors hosted a launch party for their drivers at the Oslberg shop in Huntington Beach. A garage full of race ready 2012 Ford Fiesta’s were lined up one by one. Their drivers, Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan, Marcus Grönholm, Toomas Heikkinen, and David Binks were mingling amongst the crowd which consisted of race fans and auto industry insiders.

This party was an invite-only event and CoolFords was lucky to be granted access with some special connections. We also shot a video interviewing David Binks and Marcus Grönholm.

The party featured The Serve Lounge, DJ, and photo booth from American Express, Rockstar Bars and the OMSE Ford showroom and appetizers provided by Freebirds and BBQ Two. Drivers were welcomed to the stage for introductions as they prepare to kick off the Global RallyCross season.

The event also hosted a raffle to benefit “Carry the Load”, a 20-hour Memorial Day event honoring and thanking members of the military, law enforcement, firefighers and their families for the sacrifices they make.

The raffle prizes were provided by multiple team sponsors, including Best Buy Mobile, Serve from American Express, Motegi, DVS, and Etnies.