2011 GYMKHANA World Tour: L.A.

(LosAngeles – CA ) Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour stopped by Los Angeles the weekend before X-Games 17. It was their 2nd stop coming all the way from Austria and their next stop is in Australia. This FREE event was held at the famous Dodgers Stadium on top of a small hill over looking Downtown Los Angeles.

I am not new to rally cars, as matter of fact, I have attended rallycross events here in So Cal; however, this was nothing like a rallycross event. It was more of a one man circus with the star being Ken Block who debuting his Fiesta H.F.H.V, a specially made Ford Fiesta used for all 3 disciplines of rally: rallycross, Gymkhana and stage rally. Basically, it saves times and resources to have one vehicle to be adjusted where it can do all three instead of having three separate vehicles.

Ford Octane Academy displayed a Focus, Fiesta and SVT Raptor as the crew introduced Ford’s new gig to people. It’s a contest where if you are selected, you get schooled by Ken Block, Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust and Vaughn Gitten Jr. in their respectable disciplines. Rallying, drifting and off road racing are covered.

The Gymkhana World Tour is not as nearly as elaborate as his regular Gymkhana events, but gives you a small taste what to expect for Gymkhana 4. There was nothing but tire marks through out the parking lot. Block, as expected, did doughnuts…many many doughnuts. He sprayed me with rubber material possibly coming from the pavement and tires while he was powerslidng in front of me. There was plenty of smoke. Nope, it wasn’t the L.A. smog. The smoke was coming from Block’s tires as her burnt out through half the course.

What was rather unique about this event is the involvement of Monster motorcrossers which took the show when Block left for the paddock. Yes, another taste of what X-Games 17 will be like. It was certainly an entertaining experience and I can’t wait for Gymkhana 4!