Six Weeks to SEMA 2010 – Part 2

Fullerton, CA (Oct. 12, 2010) – The worlds largest automotive aftermarket and specialty trade show is fast approaching and our feature story ‘Six Weeks to SEMA 2010’ continues. CoolFords has the exclusive in following one of Orange County’s top Mustang performance shops, 281 Motorsports, as they gear up and prepare for the SEMA 2010 show.

The team of passionate enthusiasts lead by 281 owner and performance architect, Jason Cenora has 26 kick ass Mustangs set to be on display at Ford Motor Company’s: Cruisin Legends exhibit which will be held both inside and outside the main convention hall.
Its been 3 weeks since we last checked in and by the looks of it, things have been ratcheted up a notch. A monster delivery of 80+ performance tires have arrived courtesy of BF Goodrich. With all the tire brands to choose from and such an important show on the line, I asked Jason why the team chose to go with BF Goodrich.

Jason replied, “Over the years of building Mustangs for street and track use, I’ve used many brands of tires on my personal cars and customer cars. I’ve always been met with a compromise whether it be ride quality, life span (miles), or traction. Normally you have to pick 1 of the 3 that is most important to you and something gets sacrificed. About 4 years ago I was introduced to the BF Goodrich G-Force KDW tire and the tread pattern alone had me in awe!

I figured with an aggressive traction minded tread pattern and the soft rubber they were made with, they’d certainly not last and have a poor ride quality….well I was wrong! Let me first say, I drive HARD and AGGRESSIVE! With multiple track days, city driving and crossing state lines, I have nearly 15,000 miles on my tires with roughly 85% tread life still on them and the ride quality is AWESOME!

Don’t even get me started on weekend warrior track time….talk about a tire met with 560hp on the track with zero traction loss while dropping to second gear through the chicanes and your referring to nothing other than the BFG R-1! With all the choices I have for tires on my car, the cars my family depend on and the customers that trust our recommendation, its BF Goodrich all the way!”

Some of the BF Goodrich tires the 281 team has decided to go with are the G-Force T/A KDW for its aggressive appearance and from the teams consensus on superior handling. I also found in the shipment a few sets of BF Goodrich G-Force R1 tires which look to be purely for the race track but according to the sticker they are DOT approved for limited highway use. Below are a select few shots from part of the shipment.

Stay tuned as the SEMA show prep continues we will be updating you on the team’s progress and providing you media coverage throughout the SEMA 2010 show. To find out more information about BF Goodrich tires visit their website: