Ford Mustang wheelies are always fun to watch

Half the thrill of going to a dragstrip is watching the insanely-built cars lift their front tires right from the launch. (And if you said the other half is the crashes, then you’re talking to the wrong folks.)

Here’s a mighty fine compilation of Ford Mustangs launching sky-high, sourced from various dragstrips across this great wheelin’ country of ours. We’re especially drawn to the orange Fox Mustang with a front-mounted turbocharger that nearly takes off like a 747, as well as the 1990s SN95 Mustang that lifts so violently it bruises its bodywork when it comes back down to Earth.

Like we always said, wheelie bars are a good call. (Otherwise, you might get this.) But then again, these frighteningly fast Fords do just fine without ‘em.