FFF2012 – Saleen, Roush, Shelby and SVT’s

(Buena Park, CA) – There was so much to see at the 27th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever (FFF) car show that we have to break down our coverage in sections. Here we have the first set of photos of Ford Mustangs from the top names we’re all familiar with.

This year’s event had a great turn out with Team Shelby representing strong, Roush bringing in their semi truck with new RS3 goodies, and this year Saleen got his name back and so Saleen cars and SMS cars are hanging out together.

We also can’t forget Area 51. If you attended the event, did you find it? Well the secret location was full of Mustang SVT Cobras. It was a sight to see, tons of top notch rides this year.

This is a walk around video of a Saleen S281 Mustang that was dressed to look like the 2007 Decepticon Barricade Saleen from Transformers:

The particular video was taken in front of the Team Shelby trailer where they were showing off this beautiful new GT350: