FFF2012 – Fords you wish you could see more of

(Buena Park, CA) – You really can’t grasp how many different types of Ford automobiles the blue oval has created until you’ve been to a car show like Fabulous Fords Forever (FFF). Everyone knows a Mustang when they see one but Ford has created several other stunning vehicles throughout its history.

Of course, there were a few rough patches along the way in my opinion but a wise man once said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The thing that makes this show great is seeing what folks have done to customize their unique rides both new and old. Here’s a collection of Fords you wish you could see more of.

This is a video at the Saleen/SMS booth of a silver Saleen S7:

This is a beautiful clean 1957 Ford Thunderbird that screams lets go cruising!: