eBay Find: 1967 Mustang with Removable Fastback Roof


Over $43,000 has been dropped into this 1967 Mustang Coupe that has been transformed into a convertible roadster with a removable Fastback roof.

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The roof weighs 75 pounds and comes off with 2 bolts and 2 wing nuts. Supposedly it can be removed in less than 2 minutes. The top is held on by two bolts in the front and two wing nuts in the rear. There is a metal header attached to the roof where there are two tinnerman nuts (mustang fender nut clips). The two bolts go thru the mustang convertible sunvisor bracket dowel pin guide hole and thread into the tinnerman nuts.


The fiberglass roof up front is built to have a gasket that sits on the windshield stainless steel trim. The back of the roof is held on by two wing nuts. For mounting the back of the roof, two coupe sunvisor bracket rods are secured to the rear seat metal back frame. The sunvisor bracket rods swivel out of the way when the top is in the down position. This keeps the top from tearing or catching the mounting rods. The sunvisor rods are tapped to accept a 5/16 wing nut. The sunvisor bracket is double nutted for a height adjustment of the roof.

There is metal reinforcement attached to the roof where the wing nuts attach. The owner can adjust the double nut, thus adjust the roof height. The current owner chose to have the roof sit 1/4 inch off the paint. Weather-stripping can be attached to the roof where the roof sits on the convertible boot snap trim (hockey sticks). This weather-stripping will keep most of the water and wind noise out. When the new owner installed the rear glass, rain should not get into the car. However, if this car is taken to a car wash, and the pressure washer is aimed at the roof to body lines, or the window to roof lines, some water will get in, just like any old Mustang. In short, the roof can be as water tight as the new owner wants it to be, but keep in mind that the tighter the roof, the more chance for paint damage.