CoolFords Racing Team – Interview with Daryl Dyer/GI SHO Racing


Daryl Dyer has been added to the CoolFords Racing Team and we had the opportunity to exchange a few emails with him. Daryl and his crew compete in the ChumpCar World Series. We got Daryl to share a little bit about his team and their race car.

CF – Can you explain to our fans what the ChumpCar World Series is?

DARYL – ChumpCar is “Crap-can racing” at its best. Teams must race with a car worth no more than $500 without the added safety equipment (cage, harness, seat). Cars must be basically stock, so you can’t take a $500 car and add another $1k of performance parts to it.
CF – How many team members make up the GI SHO Racing team?

DARYL – We have 3 core members: 2 car owners (one is also a driver) and myself as team captain and driver. We have a group of about 15 drivers that apply for seat positions for each race. Some drivers are more frequent depending on finances and scheduling. Each team member has a job to do during a race and we rotate depending on driver order.

CF – How did the team come into being?

DARYL – Our first race was in the “24 hours of Lemons” series in 2007. The car owner built the car from a $300 parts car and put together the original team.
CF – Your vehicle is a 1989 Taurus SHO. Why?

DARYL – Why not? We are all SHO guys, and the SHO is finally being recognized as a formidable race platform for “Crap-can racing”

CF – You guys GI Joe fans? Does that explain the name?

DARYL – Most of us are prior or active duty military. The series we race in encourages a team “theme”. We drive a camouflage SHO, so “GI SHO” was born.

CF – Is the turret on top functional?

DARYL – The turret was removed at the Spokane race last year. It was a cool addition to the theme, but they thought it may blow off the car at 130 mph. It had a functional potato cannon in it.

CF – Have you thought about using desert camouflage?

DARYL – It was discussed but changing the theme is a long process and we are okay with it the way it is.
CF – What other leagues or organizations are you affiliated with?

DARYL – We have run in a few “24 hours of Lemons” events where our best finish was 30th out of 158.

CF – How many vehicles does the team have?

DARYL – Just the one 89 SHO. We have a few parts cars that we pull from if needed.

CF – You mentioned the car is basically stock but are there any modifications to it?

DARYL – The engine has almost 330k on it and no tuning. The only mods we have are: 12″ brakes, K&N filter, SHOSource exhaust (modified), and a reinforced stock differential – no quaife! We have removed all non-essential components to save weight.


CF – How many motors and transmissions have you gone through?

DARYL – The motor is stock and has not been modified or changed. The tranny was disassembled last year and we installed a good used set of blocking rings and synchros.
CF – How often do you upkeep the SHO? What do you hate about it?

DARYL – Endurance racing is rough on any car. Before each race we change fluids and go through the entire car to check wheel bearings and wearable items. The only thing I hate about the SHO is trying to get parts. I love wrenching on it!

CF – What do you enjoy about being involved with motorsports?

DARYL – The thrill of the event. I love the adrenaline rush I get behind the wheel.

CF – How do you overcome nervousness before a race?

DARYL – Plenty of fluids and deep breathing. The nerves go away within the first few laps and adrenaline takes over….

CF – Do you pay out of your own pockets to support the team?

DARYL – Yes. Each driver pays a portion into the GI SHO fund to split the cost of each race. We have a few small sponsors that help out on a “per race” basis.


CF – Matt of SHOSource is a personal friend of mine. How did GI SHO Racing hook up with SHOSource for sponsorship?

DARYL – SHOSource is very close to the team and actively involved in all our activities. The other 2/3 of SHOSource are personal friends of mine.

CF – Have you or will you take the ’89 out on the track at the National SHO Convention?

DARYL – We had that car at the 2008 convention in Seattle. We do not have plans to attend the convention this year.

CF – “It’s just a Taurus.” What’s your response to that?

DARYL – It’s just a “Taurus” that kicked everyone else’s butts at the last race!

CF – What do you appreciate about the 3.0L V6 DOHC SHO motor?

DARYL – Yamaha designed and built a very good motor. With proper maintenance it will run forever.

CF – What was the best moment of your racing career?

DARYL – Finally winning a race and proving the SHO and good teamwork can do it!

CF – Would you like to give a shout out to your sponsors or others in the SHO community?

DARYL – We appreciate any help we can get. Our current monetary sponsors are: