Cars and Coffee 7-16-11

(Irvine, CA) – Cars and Coffee is a weekly show at in the parking lot between the Mazda and Taco Bell buildings in Irvine. Ford’s Irvine offices used to be where Taco Bell now is. The show begins at around 6 AM in the morning…just in time for coffee. I’m usually still sleeping. This was a very rare opportunity for me to check out the show. As matter of fact, it was my first time attending it. I woke up at 5 AM just to get ready.

It was certainly an interesting show with Fords taken up a section of the parking lot. There were a lot of S197 Mustangs, Cobra kit cars, vintage Bronco, GT40s, and a classic Model A. There were plenty of high end exotics including a small contingency of Lamborghinis. Hennessey and Hillbank Motorsports displayed some cool Fords in their sections.