Carlsbad Cars & Coffee – April 07, 2012

(Carlsbad, CA) – Carlsbad Cars & Coffee is an automotive enthusiast meet from 7am to 9am every Saturday morning in Carlsbad, CA. It first started out meeting every last Saturday of the month. I’ve been going to Cbad Cars since 2007 and I’ve been hooked.

Then in 2010 it started meeting every Saturday of the month, however the last Saturday of the month is when its the busiest. The show is very similar to the Irvine Cars and Coffee meet every Saturday morning.

The show has a little of everything and you never know what your going to see. On any given day you can see Lamborghini’s parking next to Ferrari’s and Fords parking next to Chevy and Dodge, BMW next to Mercedes, you get the idea. Below are some photos from the February 18th show.