Air Lift Performance Suspension Installed on a 2010 Mustang

(Fullerton, CA) – When most people think of air bag suspensions, they think of lowriders and bouncing cars right? Well I’m here to tell you the game is changing. I had the opportunity to sit in on an install of a Ford Mustang Performance Air Suspension Kit made by the Air Lift Company. After reading up on the company and talking to the guys at the shop I have a new found respect for the versatility of an air suspension.

With Air Lift’s S197 Mustang Performance Air Suspension Kit we installed, you get looks and performance in one package. This kit allows you to drop the ride height about 4″ from stock for that slammed parked stance. Then at the push of a button, raise it back up so you can terrorize the streets or race on the track.

The day started out meeting up at 281 Motorsports, one of Orange County’s premier Mustang performance shops, where I met a local mustang enthusiast – Justin Fong and his 2010 Ford Mustang GT. Then with a cold beer in one hand and a wrench in the other, or for me… a camera, we began the installation. Today’s agenda not only included an Air Lift Company Performance Suspension but also new BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW tires mounted on 20” GT Legend wheels. I tried to capture the highlights from the install in the photos you see below.

Jason Cenora and Matt Bernal from 281 Motorsports had prepped the shop for today’s install and it was nice to see all the parts laid out on a table to get an idea of what needed to be done. Justin had done a little prep work of his own. With help from his cousin Milo Moy they created a panel system in the wheel well that would house the air tank components. It was clean setup as a second false bottom panel would hide the entire system and provide a new floor for the trunk.

As the install was underway I was asking the guys what the benefits were to an air suspension. The answer again boiled down to versatility. I thought about that for a second and the idea really began to resonate.

I have a lowered Mustang with Eibach springs and Tokico struts/shocks. I enjoy the aggressive handling and cornering with the best of them, but call me a 30-year-old fart because when I go to the store, the roads around my house are beat to shit and ride is bumpy as hell, im not going to lie, it starts to get on my nerves. Not to mention when I finally get to the store im going sideways over speed bumps with the occasional metal meets asphalt sound. I suppose it’s the price you pay for race car handling and I never thought twice about any other suspension setup….until today.

With stock or even coil-over suspensions you can’t compare with the flexibility of air. With infinitely adjustable ride height, no longer do you need to worry about driveway entrances or speed bumps to enjoy a lowered car. Forget about the punishing ride that goes with many conventional suspension choices. Air ride suspensions have come a long way and so have the handling capabilities. Air Lift Company says it’s been tuned with performance in mind. So if you’re considering upgrading your Mustangs suspension maybe Air Lift Company is worth looking into.