2014 Ponies at the Pike Car Show

Out with the old and in with the new. Under a new name and location, this is the 18th year that the Beach Cities Mustang Club (BCMC) has hosted its annual Mustang and Ford car show in Long Beach. Formerly known as the Mustangs at the Queen Mary, now its Ponies at the Pike.

The is now located across the harbor from its former spot and we think this was a good move. One thing you’ll notice with the location is the topography, with hills and bigger hills, Ford Mustangs are displayed in a unique setting with a great backdrop. Almost every angle of the Shoreline Aquatic Park is picturesque.

This years event attracted close to 350 Ford vehicles from classics to new school, Steve Saleen even brought a 2015 Ford Saleen Mustang rendering which he debuted at his2014 Saleen Car Show held just the day before.

John Shultz and a loyal crew of hard working volunteers put on a great car show. We’re looking forward to many great events at the new location for years to come.