2012 TRUFIBER Customer Appreciation Day

(Corona, CA) – The clouds parted and the rain disappeared just in time for the 3rd annual TRUFIBER customer appreciation day. Several custom tuned and performance Ford Mustangs sporting fiberglass & carbon fiber aerodynamic parts gathered at the headquarters of TRUFIBER.

Light weight carbon fiber products like hoods, spoilers, side mirrors were all over parking lot on display in many different styles. Carbon fiber products which can shed hundreds of pounds of excess weight from your Mustang are becoming ever so popular and TRUFIBER is leading the pack with a wide variety of parts for sale.

If you live in Southern California and you’ve attended a Mustang car show, there’s a BIG chance that you’ve already seen some TRUFIBER parts installed. I took some video of a Shelby GT500 with Carbon Fiber and I also took another video of Daniel Velarde’s 2010 Mustang. We had a great time at the event and look forward to seeing TRUFIBER continue to push the boundaries of weight savings and stylish looks.

Shelby GT500 with Carbon Fiber:

Daniel Velarde’s 2010 Mustang sporting a custom body ink tattoo and several pieces of carbon fiber: