2011 SCPOC ACH Cruise

(Los Angeles, CA) – I took a cruise with CoolFords racing member Racey Stacey along with her club the SoCal Prober Owners club. This is the 2nd time I have been on this cruise. The first time the route was closed off which had been for several years.

This year’s cruise was very exciting as they finally opened a 30 mile stretch of ACH. Basically, you can get up their and come back down without turning around.

I was very impressed with the drive. All cars handle superbly well with the road having been resurfaced. You were gripping well even with poor tires. We were with very experienced drivers so no one got lost.

There were lots of sweeping turns and the traffic was light. I guess everyone stayed home on “Carmageddon” weekend. It was a near perfect drives. We couldn’t void some rocks in the middle of the road.