2011 Retrobuilt Mustang Conversion

(Marshfield, MO) – In their own words: Here at Retrobuilt we set out with the goal to create a car for the auto enthusiast with the styling of the classic muscle car of yesteryear and with the performance, reliability, drivability, and technology of today. Hundreds of hours have been spent to design, develop, and fabricate the car we have available today.

Our cars will retain their full factory warranties and safety features. Retrobuilt will warranty all paint and outer body panels. For a true retro concept, our cars have authentic metal bumpers, door handles, rear window louvers, and original type mirrors and side marker lights. There are many more features like, handmade stainless steel trim on the front of the car that makes our car a true “Retro built” automobile, that is in high demand in the auto industry today.

RETROBUILT is proud to be an Official Licensee of Shelby Automobiles, Inc. Each and every car will come with its own Retrobuilt serial number & Dash Plaque, and Certificate of Authenticity. Every car we produce will be included in our registry, thus becoming a truly collectible Retrobuilt Shelby GT 500 for years to come. It is truly an honor for Retrobuilt to have the opportunity to pay tribute to the legendary Carroll Shelby by introducing our latest creation, capturing the classic styling of the 1969 Shelby GT500 and giving it the performance and drivability of a new mustang GT.

Shelby Automobiles Inc. has designated this car as the New Shelby GT500CS. The New Shelby GT500CS is a truly spectacular automobile for the auto enthusiast that wants a classic, collectable, performance car that can definitely be a daily driver. Retrobuilt will be taking orders for this limited production car. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and what we do. Please check back with us for more exciting products in the future.

  • New fiberglass front clip
  • Fiberglass over lay on Doors and Quarters
  • Metal Bumpers and Door Handles
  • Shaker Hood Assembly by CDC
  • Custom 18×9.5 Wheels and 275x40x18 Tires
  • Hood , Deck Lid and Headlight Buckets are painted Satin Black
  • Vinyl Side Stripes
  • Hood Pins
  • Front and Rear Spoilers
  • Hand made stainless