2011 Ontario West Coast Chapter Ford & Mercury Truck Show & Shine

(Grand Bend, Ontario Canada) – The First Annual Ontario West Coast Chapter Ford & Mercury Truck Show & Shine was hosted by the Ontario West Coast Ford Truck Club. The Show & Shine was open to all Ford & Mercury Trucks and Vans as well Rancheros and Broncos. The Show took place on the Grounds of the Pinery Antique Flea market in Grand Bend, Ontario.

The show & shine had a fairly small but decent number of vehicles in attendance about 40 Ford and Mercury Trucks and Vans were on hand. A couple stand outs were a Slick Pearl White & Grey ’47 Hot Rod Ford Pickup to a few Rare Canadian Mercury Trucks ranging from 1949-1951.

There was also a number of Hot Rod Ford Trucks, Panel Vans and a number of 1960s to 1970s Ford pickups and 4x4s. There was even a ’66 Mustang GT Convertible slipped into this Truck show among the Ford & Mercury Trucks and Vans. One unique custom creation, a Second Generation Mercury Grand Marquis that was converted into a Ranchero type vehicle!.

It was a excellent Father’s Day Show & Shine for all, the Sunday Antique Flea market on the grounds also had Food vendors and other attractions to see. Namely the Canadian Lockheed T-33 Silver Star (P-80 Shooting Star) on static display and a Vintage Thibault Ford C-Series Fire Truck and even a display 1918 Fordson Model F Tractor which is quite a early example of The Ford Motor Company’s History of Tractors and Farming.

So there was plenty to see and experience in addition to the 40 Ford & Mercury Vehicles. Cool Ford Fans please enjoy the uniqueness and variety of the First Annual Ontario West Coast Ford Truck Show & Shine!