Waterless Car Cleaning with Croftgate USA

I have personally never used a waterless cleaning product on my Mustang until today. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, when I think of waterless cleaners, the stigma of streaking and scratching comes to mind, but man was I wrong.
Frank with Croftgate USA first contacted me and said you have to try these products, I guarantee you’ll be blown away and he offered me a personal demo. I thought this guy is really confident of his product and within a couple of hours “Westside” Eddie rolled up in his black 2009 Toyota Tundra to give me the low down.

With a bundle of goodies in hand, Eddie described each cleaning bottle’s preferred use then started writing my name on the side of his Tundra, needless to say his black truck was pretty dirty. He began with a bottle of Aquanil-X wash & wax, sprayed a few shots onto a micro fiber towel, then applied it all over without regard for windows, mirrors, and small gaps, I thought wow that was bold and within seconds a light haze formed.
Now with a flip of the towel Eddie just effortlessly wiped away the dirt with zero residue left behind. Eddie said this is the latest cleaning technology at work, the emulsifying agent attaches to the dirt and practically lifts it off the car, the dirt then clings to the micro fiber towel leaving nothing behind. Its mind blowing to think how far technology has come especially considering most of us have probably been washing our cars the same way for years if not decades.

Well after a few personal profanities of amazement Eddie showed me the remaining products:Tire Shine, Multi-Clean and Quick-n-Slick. Talk about efficient, all it took was 30mins and half his truck had been washed, waxed and detailed while being out in the hot sun the entire time! I was curious if Croftgate USA would have the same results on my Mustang – 15 years older and without the fancy new nano-paints they use now a days.
Eddie left me a Croftgate USA sample pack and below are a few before and after photos. I started with Aquanil-X and applied it like Eddie said, now having been one of those people who has been using the same car wash routine for years my initial reaction was to wipe half the car down then buff it off. I found that the light haze that forms was a little hard to see at first, so my recommendation is to clean in smaller areas like just the door, or the front/rear quarter panel until you get a feel for the product.

Of the Croftgate products I have to say the Quick-n-Slick is awesome stuff, you would typically be out of your mind to apply and buff out wax in the hot sun, a normal person might apply wax in the sun then move it under cover to buff out. Quick-n-Slick worked like a charm, just a little goes a very long way and leaves a high quality shine.

As you can tell from the pictures no streaks or scratches and this was my first time using a waterless car cleaning product! I encourage you to check out www.croftgateusa.com as their products are not sold in the stores yet.