Watch Edmunds smash the hell out of an aluminum Ford F-150

Who smashes the fender of a brand new F-150? Only the fine folks at Edmunds.

The editors at Edmunds took a sledgehammer to the rear fender of a 2015 Ford F-150. Why? Because they could. Because they paid cold hard cash for it, and it was their truck, and they could pulverize it in any way they wanted. And, most importantly, because they wanted to see whether the new aluminum panels could be easily repaired, and whether it would cost more than old-school steel.

Also because it would garner guaranteed attention—in this case, over two million views on YouTube.

Part II is here as well which can watch below, where they get the panel back from the body shop and see how much it really cost. Better to let Edmunds do the dirty work rather than have it happen to you.