Volvo wagon packs a Mustang’s heart

It’s the dream of any gearhead to build the ultimate sleeper: the dowdy little runabout that can waste a Camaro. (Especially if you’re a Ford guy.) So, may we present to you the ultimate sleeper: this Volvo 740 wagon with a Ford 5.0 engine swap.


Underneath the rectilinear hood of this unassuming little runabout beats a Cobra’s heart. Even the original Craigslist ad makes note of its Camaro-eating prowess. (Hurry, before it’s taken down.) The detailed ad makes mention of the near-300 horsepower this thing is pushing, along with a manual trans and dual Flowmasters. It looks like a comprehensive build, too.

Just ten grand and a one-way ticket to Charlotte, North Carolina, and it’s yours.


And imagine if Ford’s Premier Auto Group existed just ten years earlier, this sort of thing might have actually happened.

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