Trifecta of speed: twin turbo, supercharged, nitrous Ford GT vs. Viper

How often does a 1,000-horsepower Dodge Viper feel weak? When it’s up against a Ford GT with two hundred more horsepower than that.

This Ford GT packs the holy trifecta of go-fast magic: twin turbos, a supercharger, and a

Owned by a man known only as “The Mullet,” and for good reason, this GT is packing 1,200 horsepower on the strip—1,187 horsepower at the tires, to be exact. Its best time was a 9.39 at 152mph, and it’ll probably do the same time here.

No slouch itself, the Viper is rocking a Paxton Novi supercharger with forged internals with a 150-shot of nitrous. Best time: 9.6 seconds at around 150mph.

The action begins at 2:36, when both cars launch with ferocious intent. Watch the battle of Tony vs. The Mullet!