This Mustang Crash is Thoroughly Bizarre

Captured on video by a very weirded-out driver, one minute this Ford Mustang is rounding a perfectly ordinary intersection in Los Angeles. The next minute, it slides into the wall—like a sitcom, says Jalopnik.

We can see the Mustang trying to jam on the brakes halfway through its ill-fated left turn. But why? What caused this Mustang to muck up a perfectly ordinary turn? How convenient is that construction site right there? And as Jalopnik mentions, “if a solitary hubcap would have rolled by just before the camera pans to the wreck, that would have been perfect.”

But no, the retro Torq-Thrust-style wheels remained intact, if not the rest of the car. Either way, we hope nobody was hurt—no matter what Mensa candidates are operating the vehicle in question.