Supercharged Fox Mustang launches effortless wheelies

Meet “Paxton Pete,” with a mint little 1988 Mustang that he bought back brand-new, back in the decade of Vanilla Ice.

Since then, he’s been dragging all across the country, hauling ass and taking names, and the slick wheelies he pops make his experience look all too easy.

True to his name, it’s got a Paxton Novi 2000 blower. Mated to a C6 transmission, the best run this car’s ever done has been to break into the 8-second mark. With 25lbs of boost, it’s done 8.78 at 155 mph.

And at New England Dragway in New Hampshire, he pulls off the most graceful of wheelies against a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. It’s good for a 9.7-second time, at 102 mph.

A year later, the owner noted that he’s since upgraded to a ProCharger and a new air-to-air intercooler. And, we hope, the wheelies just keep on coming.