Spotlight on NZ Festival of Motorsport

(Hampton Downs, NZ) – The New Zealand Festival of Motorsport is a relatively fledgling event on the calendar. The new circuit at Hampton Downs is still very much in its formative stages too. But somehow they always manage to attract some great cars and put on a decent show.

At the last event, which paid tribute to legendary kiwi Chris Amon who drove for Ferrari, BMW, Shelby-American and other teams in the sixties and seventies, featured some Official BMW Museum cars flown in for the event from Germany.

Ford fans also had plenty to gawk at too, including Ford GTs, RS500 Cosworth, Mustangs (of course), Falcon Cobra, Zakspeed Group 5 Escort, RS3100 Capri and more. My takeaway moment to date has to be seeing and hearing both the 1963 Shelby Cobra Le Mans and Olo’ Yaller II in action on track – what a sound!