Shelby GT500 learns an important, expensive lesson in traction control

The owner of this Shelby GT500 learns not to tamper with the traction when his talent runs out.

Down in car-crazy New Zealand, he does a pair of quarter-mile, straight-line launches. The first run was completed with the traction control off. In the second, our plucky driver decides to grow the proverbial pair and switch it off. Fortune favors the brave, after all.

Not in this case.

The Shelby GT500 launches with a ferocious burnout and then slides sideways, directly perpendicular into the bushes in a cartoonish cloud of dust. The driver is ok, but the car gets slightly mangled—covered in a thick layer of dirt.

It’s important to remember that no matter how badass you think you are, power management is always tricky with 662 raw horsepower at your disposal.

Shelby Cobra GT500 Crash

Shelby Cobra GT500 Crash

Shelby Cobra GT500 Crash