Shelby GT350 Mustang hits the track at Laguna Seca

Ford once produced a Laguna Seca Edition Mustang that was ready to hit its namesake track. (Of course, it left off the famous “Mazda Raceway” prefix, the proper name for the Monterey, California road course.) The Laguna Seca Edition of the Boss 302 Mustang was the baddest Mustang ever produced at the time, and a track-ready beast that turned heads from pit to parkway.

Now, the Shelby GT350 takes on that proud mantle. And in the video above, it returns to Laguna Seca to show off its track creds.

The Sports Car Guys go in-depth at this product launch from last October, where they rub elbows with Ford engineers and fellow Dockers-clad journalists before putting on their loaner helmets and giving the Shelbys a short launch down the straightway. As the royalty-free rock music blares, the Mustangs show off around the scenic track’s 11 turns.

What does the Shelby GT350 look and sound like heading down the legendary Corkscrew? In a word: magnificent.