Roush-Yates Open House 2012

(Mooresville, NC) – Roush-Yates Performance had their Open House on June 23rd. The focal point of the event was their car show, which was limited to 150 participants. The awarded trophy classes consisted of mainly “Best Of’s” for each make, and a few other awards such as “King of the Dyno” and “Best Engineered”. However, this was far from being your typical car show.

This event was more family oriented, offering free drinks, food, snacks, and even ice cream for all those in attendance. Even those who participated in the car show, did so free of charge. The younger visitors were well taken care of with many activities that were focused towards the up-and-coming gear heads that were still Elementary School age!

While Roush-Yates produces parts for several makes of cars, they are especially focused on the Ford crowd. So it’s no surprise that the show brought out many sweet Fords in large numbers. Due to the limited space, it wasn’t the largest show I’ve ever attended. It was also tough to get some good shots because the cars were parked closer together than normal. However, with all it offered the entire family, it certainly became one of the most fun events I’ve attended!