Ringbrothers 1965 Mustang “Espionage” drives into Jay Leno’s Garage

The amazing Mike and Jim Ring are at it again.

Their latest muscle car build, after the SEMA-stopping “Recoil,” have built a new carbon-fiber 1965 Mustang that captures all of the detail and extravagance of their hyper-cool builds. Now, Jay Leno gives it a test drive.

Ringbrothers will stop at nothing to put GM’s LS engines into every build they do, and this Chevy-powered Ford is no exception, and perhaps a bit of sacrilege. With a supercharger it’s pumping out 950 horsepower, however, so few are complaining.

“Espionage” derives its name, so says Autoblog, from the deception that is the carbon fiber body, an exacting replica that was shown at SEMA two years ago. Few genuine 1965s were harmed in the making of this build.

Watch to 23 minutes in, when the car kind of breaks down a bit. But Jay Leno is used to this sort of thing.