Mustang Week-Speedway Fun Runs

(Myrtle Beach, SC) – The Speedway Fun Runs are always a fan favorite, regardless of whether you are participating or simply a spectator. At a couple locations around the speedway, track staff places a few tires for the cars to navigate through, to keep speeds from getting too excessive and unsafe.

However, don’t let that make you think that this event is slow-paced by any means. Many of the more powerful cars can push 80+ MPH as the head down the straightaways, and you’re really only limited by how fast you’re willing to navigate between those tires!

For the spectators, seeing the cars rush by is a thrill. However, even more fun is listening to them! Being able to get up and close to hear a Cobra’s supercharger whine, or a turbo spool up as the car rushes down the speedway is incredibly awesome for those who have never experienced it! The cars would line up on pit road in preparation for their full two lap run, at which point they simply pulled back in at the end of the line. They could run as much as they wanted until the event was over.

It was hot sitting alongside the pit road wall, and it must have showed as I had numerous guys offer me some water or a snack. At first, I declined. Then, I started taking them up on it as it kept me out there shooting the cars that came flying by. I’m sure that was the ulterior motive behind the offers, in hopes that I’d catch some of their cars in action. If that was the case, I hope I succeeded for them!