Mustang Week-Pre-Meet and Greet

(Myrtle Beach, SC) – Mustang Week Begins: Pre-Meet and Greet. I arrived at Myrtle Beach on Saturday morning, July 14th 2012. As I approached Myrtle Beach on 501, I saw a few Mustangs along the road headed the same way as me.

Over the next few days, as I enjoyed the beach and relaxed poolside, the frequency and variety of Mustangs arriving started to pick up. I started hearing the classic Fox-Body Flowmaster exhaust notes mixed in with an occasional supercharger whine. Despite the fact that these sounds increased in frequency, I knew it was only just beginning. After all, Mustang Week is one of the biggest Mustang events on the East Coast. The number of Mustangs that will make the pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach over the next week will number in the thousands.

This year marks my third year at Mustang Week and this year I’m back at the Compass Cove, right beside Holiday Sands South. This is one of the prime areas on Ocean Blvd. for the Mustang crowd, and there’s simply nothing like seeing and hearing several Mustangs roll by your hotel each and every minute.

If you have never been to Mustang Week, you would likely be impressed with the sheer numbers of Mustangs rolling in already. However, to quote Bachman–Turner Overdrive, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”. It’s July 16th, and today was the day the festivities really start to ramp up. This evening is usually the first time you’ll see a large contingent of Mustangs gathered together. It’s called the Pre-Meet and Greet, and it happens in the Hard Rock parking lot at Broadway at the Beach.

It’s not an “official” event you’ll see on the Mustang Week website’s schedule, but like many of the unofficial events it has a history that stretches back for several years. One of the best things about the Pre-Meet and Greet is simply the time it takes place. It’s in the evening hours, as the sun is close to setting. By the time it’s over, and night falls, it’ll be dark and much cooler than it was earlier in the day. So if you’re looking for a good way to meet some Mustang enthusiasts while beating the heat, this is certainly your ticket. In fact, out of all the cruise-in events, this one is my favorite for those reasons alone!

Like most things at Mustang Week, people tend to roll in at a convenient time for them. So there is no official starting time. However rest assured that, as it approaches the evening hours, you’ll find a group of Mustang owners numbering in the hundreds already hanging out.

As the night goes on, another event takes place… the Ridemakerz VIP party. A hundred lucky participants, who signed up months ago on the Mustang Week website, get to choose a free car from Ridemakerz, equipping it with a nice assortment of stock accessories. You’ve got plenty to choose from, and if that isn’t enough, the employees at Ridemakerz will open their bins up and you can purchase anything additional you’d like.

After that, it’s back out to the Hard Rock parking lot to hang out, or head back to the hotel and rest up for the rest of the week’s activities. After all, the actual Meet and Greet starts tomorrow right next door at The Palace, beside Broadway at the Beach.

Over the next few days, there will be plenty to do. A mix of official and unofficial events, and one simply chooses what they wish to participate in, or visit. You don’t even need a Mustang for many of the events, just a desire to enjoy the cars, and plenty of friendship from those you’ve met in the previous years. Whether it’s cruise-ins, car shows, autocross, drag racing, or even cruising down the streets with a bunch of your friends, you’ll find it happening at Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach.

It’ll take me a while to get through all my photos, and most of it will wait until I return home. After all, I’m going to enjoy myself as I’m surrounded by all of these nice cars! However, I’ll soon have several other articles and albums put together that highlight the activities of my next few days at Mustang Week. In the meantime, enjoy the following photos from the Pre-Meet and Greet!