Mustang Week-Meet and Greet

(Myrtle Beach, SC) – With Monday evening’s Pre-Meet over, Tuesday began a new day at Mustang Week. The skies threatened an early morning storm, but soon cleared up as the starting hour for the Meet and Greet approached. The time for the first official event of Mustang Week was rapidly approaching!

I made the short drive from the hotel to the Palace Theatre grounds in about 15 minutes. This would be the first year the Meet and Greet would be held here, as in the previous years it has been held in the Planet Hollywood parking lot. That parking lot had become fuller year after year, and with the neighboring business being open all day this year, a new location had been acquired.

The additional room was welcomed, especially with the fact that Vaughn Gittin Jr. would be signing autographs and revealing his new 2013 RTR Mustangs. Of course room would also be needed for the Mustang Week t-shirt lines, and the hundreds of Mustangs that would soon fill the parking lot. Despite the increased room, the new parking lot would soon be bursting at its seams!

The first place I headed was to get in the Vaughn Gittin Jr. signature line, bringing along Dylan’s Mustang that he had assembled at Ridemakerz the night before. Watching Vaughn in action, meeting with the Mustang faithful, was a blast, and soon afterwards I walked away with a signed Ridemakerz Mustang and one of Vaughn’s 5.0 hats.

The 2013 RTR reveal took place at 2:00pm, where Mike Clay introduced Vaughn Gittin Jr., not that an introduction was really needed! After the reveal, I spent a little more time checking out the various Mustangs that had assembled in the parking lot before heading back to the hotel to rest and get out of the sun. Tomorrow would be a long day at the Myrtle Beach Speedway, with Vaughn Gittin Jr. providing a high speed drift demo, as well as autocross and speedway action. The speedway’s Mustang festivities would then end with a burnout contest!