Mustang Week-Car Show

(Myrtle Beach, SC) – On Friday morning I woke up at 5:30am, unable to go back to sleep. This was the day I had started preparing for weeks ago, as I had slowly been cleaning my Mustang GT to get ready for this one show. Even as I left home the Saturday before, I watched the radar trying to dodge any storms as I headed to the beach.

Yesterday had been spent in preparation, as I washed the car again to get the hazy beach residue off of it. I was determined to show up at the car show as prepared as possible, no holds barred! This is one tough crowd of cars, and even to walk away with an Award of Excellence (Top 75) is a big achievement in itself!

One by one, my friends woke up, or checked in, and we met up before arriving at the mall. Shortly after 9:00am we were parked in the show area, and once again touched up the cars making sure no spot was left untouched. There were four of our cars in the show, and we all hoped to walk away with something for our efforts.

Friday, and Saturday’s Awards Presentation and Cruise-in, have to be some of the biggest gatherings of Mustangs on the East Coast. There’s roughly 600 cars registered for the show, but many times more than that number of spectators bringing their Mustangs to the mall to check out the show.

There are plenty of vendors, and even a dyno set up. It’s nearly impossible to see everything without rushing through it so fast you miss a great deal of it. It’s the beach, and it’s July so it’s hot. However, if one gets too hot, you simply have the option of simply stepping in the mall for a little bit. So it’s a great location, perfect for the event even if it gets a little crowded.

The judging staff worked fast and precisely, checking out all the show vehicles. After they had completed, the job of picking the “Best Of’s” and special awards was tended to. At roughly 4:00pm, it was announced that all judging was complete, and everyone headed out from the mall ready for tomorrow’s awards presentation.

I managed to sleep a little later the next morning, as exhaustion had taken its toll. It was also nice to have the hard part behind me, knowing that today it would simply be a matter of cruising back up to the mall and enjoying the cars while waiting for the awards presentation to start at 2:00pm.

As the awards started to be handed out, three out of the four of our group were called for Awards of Excellence. Two of which were showing at Mustang Week for the first time. My name, however, had yet to be called as they started moving through the “Best Of’s”. I was hoping that this was a good sign, but still felt a little uneasy, as they started with the classic Mustang “Best Of’s”.

They jumped from the classics right up to 2005-2009, skipping the Foxes briefly, which threw me for a loop. So much so, that I almost missed my name being called! Once I made it up in front of the crowd the staff piled my arms with a trophy, Meguiars Care Kit, and a Mustang Week Ridemakerz car! It was all a blur, and I still hardly remember the excitement of it all!

As the awards ceremony wrapped up, the last item of business was the Mustang Week Raffle, in which they gave away numerous of big ticket items such as wheels, suspension kits, light bars, chin spoilers, and even a 347 stroker short block. Mustang Week has provided the best raffle prizes of anything I’ve participated in ever! I have to give it up to the staff and sponsors, this is an event like no other, and every year it just gets better!

As I sit here writing this and finishing up telling about the week’s events, I can’t help but smile. Why? Because next summer will bring another influx of Mustangs to Myrtle Beach, and the sights and sounds of Mustang Week will thrive once more!