Mustang Week-Burnout Contest


(Myrtle Beach, SC) – How do you cap off a perfect day of Mustang fun? With a burnout contest of course! The annual Mustang Week Burnout Contest started shortly after 5:00pm on Wednesday, and true to form it didn’t disappoint.

“Cowboy”, the back-to- back winner from the previous two years looked to continue his streak, but it simply wasn’t in the cards. He didn’t bring his white GT with him this year, instead opting to bring a green SN97 in hopes of selling it. He started out strong as usual, but didn’t quite put on the show a couple of other guys did this year.

One black Mustang GT blew a radiator hose early on, spilling coolant on the lower side of the track, and creating a steamy scene for the crowd, which went wild. The owner took it all in stride, and then got some assistance pushing it away from the track for a quick repair.

The winner would be the owner of the black Saleen, who put on a wild burnout show, getting extremely close to the wall at times. The winner is determined by the audience, and they went wild during the performance, and again when they run through the contestants to determine the winner. It was obvious that the crowd remembered his burnout well. In fact, he even finished up his burnout by pulling back over to the crowd and tossing out a few t-shirts!

I’d like to mention one impressive burnout demonstration, by the red Fox Body GT. It’s not often I see a Fox put on a smoke show like he did, and if there was an award for second place, he would have certainly been in contention for it!

While there was still a stunt show left to go at the speedway, the burnout contest concluded the Mustang Week activities for the day. So we left shortly after the burnout contest to grab something to eat at Hard Rock. It had been a long hot day, and tomorrow would be a preparation day for me, and a few friends, in regards to Friday’s Car Show. So with the smell of burnt rubber in our noses, and tire chunks on our clothes, we headed out the gate where one of our trusty steeds awaited.