Mustang Week-Autocross

(Myrtle Beach, SC) – After Vaughn Gittin Jr. finished slaying a set of tires on the speedway, the autocross runs started back up. It’s great fun to watch the participants race through the cones to see who can get the fastest time. There are several different driving styles ranging from controlled to those who would rather try and steer with the rear end of their car!

As the afternoon wore on, you could tell the drivers would often push their car harder as they got used to the course. Watching the weight of the car shift and angle the front of the car as they exited one off the corners coming off the higher speed backstretch was plenty of fun to watch!

As the autocross wrapped up, one final car took to the autocross track. A yellow classic, that was intent on taking out every cone that was standing. He didn’t get them all, but certainly didn’t miss many!

The speedway fun runs had started up prior to the ending of the autocross, and I could hear the drivers gunning their engines a little harder as they pushed for more speed around the course.