Motor Trend falls for the Shelby GT350

The Shelby GT350 gets its time in front of the Ignition spotlight as Jason Cammisa explains what makes a flat-plane-crankshaft different from a regular V8, with some help from a drum set.

And then, the GT350 goes up for a dyno run, where Motor Trend has already proven that the GT350R’s lighter weight results in slightly more power than its non-R sibling.

Motor Trend may call it a muscle car, as opposed to the sports cars that it’s shaming, but we know that with all of the changes Ford’s made to the vaunted Shelby nameplate for 2016—it’s more than a straight-line drag racer.

“Even if you don’t know what a dyno is,” Motor Trend promises, “you’ll love the sounds this engine makes—and the shots of race-car driver Randy Pobst hammering this special car around Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.” Fortunately, most people here will know what a dynamometer is, as well as who Pobst is.