It’s vintage Camaro vs. Fox Mustang in the world’s fastest radial pass

These two cars aren’t messing around. With eighth-mile times in the fours, this one is a race to watch.

Stevie “Fast” Jackson (there’s a nickname that’s either appropriate, or too easy) takes on DeWayne “Big Daddy” Mills in this run at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Sunday, Sunday,SUNDAY! Mills is in the gold 1968 Camaro, Jackson in the sinister-looking notchback Ford, and all to a win that’s decided right at the launch.

A few months after this video was shot, Mills would flip the Camaro—but at least he was okay. And for now, it’s worth reveling in the Camaro as it performs at the height at its powers.

Plus, there’s a guy in a gorilla mask, for no particular reason.