Interview with BOSCH Iridum RTR Owners – The Casitys

This crummy economic situation has affected a lot of good people in the last few years. James and Yvonne Casity is one family that has experienced their fair share of tough times, having closed a family Plumbing business of 7 years and now currently seeking employment. However despite the gloomy outlook, I’m happy to report on a bit of good fortune for a family deeply rooted with Ford enthusiasm.

You may have heard of the exciting Bosch Iridium Edition Mustang RTR Sweepstakes in which the Grand Prize was a one-of-a-kind 2011 Ford Mustang RTR custom-built by drifting champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and powered by new-generation Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs. Well the Casity’s won! How about that!? For family that currently owns a 2000 F-250 and a 2005 Expedition just took title of a 2011 RTR Mustang. We had the opportunity to ask Yvonne Casity a few questions and below is our exchange.

CF – What made you choose a Ford?

We have always had good luck with them. We both grew up with having Fords in our life. My father owned a ‘52 Ford F-150 Big Window and currently is restoring a 1956 Big Window.

CF – What are your favorite Fords?

Mine are the Mustangs and the Expeditions, James is the Mustangs, Ford F-250s and F-350s with the 7.3 litter Powerstroke turbo- diesels.

CF – How did you learn about the BOSCH Iridium RTR Mustang contest?

James found the contest on the side of his Facebook page and told me that he wanted to enter to win this Mustang. He handed me his computer and asked me to fill it out for him. So I did, he entered only one time.

CF – Have you met Vaughn Gitten Jr. prior to SEMA, where the car presented to you?

No in fact I personally had never heard of him before we got the call that we won. James had heard his name and seen some of his videos on YouTube.

CF – What was the selection process for the winner? Their marketing person told me it was a random selection from the entries.

CF – How did they inform you?

They called James and told him he won the Bosch Iridium Mustang and that they wanted to fly us to Las Vegas and present us with the car at the AAPEX /SEMA show

CF – Did you enjoy SEMA? Have you been to SEMA before?

Yes, we loved SEMA! It was a wonderful experience with amazing cars and products. No, we had never been before. In fact this was my first trip to Las Vegas.

CF – Describe your favorite moment at SEMA.

For James, it was riding with Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his drifting Ford Mustang, then meeting Jessi Combs and Stacy Davis. For me it was looking at all the gorgeous cars. At AAPEX it was definitely being presented with the keys to our new Iridium Mustang.

CF – Did you stay at a fancy 5 star hotel?

Yes, Bosch put us up at the Venetian Hotel and Casino which was beyond anything we have ever stayed at.

CF – Take us through your memorable trip to our fans.

We arrived on Tuesday at the LV Airport where we were met by the Bosch Marketing Rep and he took us to the hotel to check in, then we were off to the Hilton and meeting with Vaughn Gittin Jr. to sign over the title to the car. From there we went to lunch and breakfast. After a wonderful meal, we went to SEMA and met up with Vaughn again for a ride along which James looked a little nervous at first, but he was extremely excited. We had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves which we walked around 2 buildings at SEMA and then headed back to our hotel for a nice quiet dinner with just the two of us. We then headed out to the “Strip” and watched the volcano erupt in front of the Mirage. It erupted every hour on the hour, and we could see it from our room. We tried our luck at some slots but ended donating our money to the casino.

The next morning on Wednesday, we had a nice breakfast and explored AAPEX anxiously awaiting the time to arrive at the Bosch booth for a press-and-meet and presentation of the car. When we finally got there the car was covered up and we had to stand around and practice the presentation. Vaughn Gittin Jr. arrived and we were off to the presentation. The press was in attendance and Vaughn presented James with a RC car that matches the big one and said to James, “Here is the car you came to Vegas for.” Everyone laughed, and then he had the car uncovered and handed James the keys. He then walked James around telling him what all they had done to it.

After everyone flashed pictures and the press asked questions we were free to go, as we couldn’t take the car out till 5 pm on Thursday. Exhausted at this point we had them cover it back up and we were off to dinner and a little gambling which again we donated.

Thursday was all ours so we headed back over to SEMA and checked out the off-road area. We spent the whole day in that area. We met up with the Bosch Rep, went back to AAPEX, and we got to drive our new Mustang to the car hauler that would deliver it on Saturday. We were then off to the airport and home.

CF – Describe the color of the BOSCH Iridium RTR Mustang…it’s differently unique!

It is a 1 of 1 color, a matte blue with black stripes. If the blue has a name, we don’t know what it is. We have been calling it the Iridium Blue.

CF – What makes the BOSCH Iridium RTR Mustang different from other Mustangs?

Many things, it has the special paint, which is one of one. Special rims powder coated, RTR package, Ford Racing everything, lighted door sill that say Iridium on it, blue lights throughout the car, racing 4 point harness and harness bar.

CF – This 1 out of 1. How do you feel owning a collectors car?

Excited and still a little in shock.

CF – How much is the car worth?

According to the Bosch Sweepstakes, $50,000.

CF – What was the mileage on the odometer when they revealed you as the winner at SEMA?

2633.5 miles

CF – How did your friends, family and neighbors react when you finally brought it home?

We had a BBQ while we waited for it to arrive. It started raining so we were all out looking at it in the rain with spot lights. Everyone is loving the car. It is so beautiful that it gets looks everywhere it goes.

CF – How you received offers from prospective buyers?


CF – Is there a warranty on it?

I don’t know anything about a warranty; I am assuming there is a factory warranty.

CF – Do you have any projects planned for the car or will you leave it the way it is?

We will do some car shows with it and James would like to put an air intake on it and a few things to pretty up the engine.

CF – Is the BOSCH Iridium RTR Mustang your new daily driver?

NO, it is a show car only.