Ford Mustang at Saudi GT Cup


Ford Mustang Boss 302 on podium at the end of 5th round of Saudi GT Cup, with authority.

Al Jazirah “Saudi Arrows” racing team finished first with style after the conclusion of the fifth round of Saudi GT Championship last Thursday. captain Abdullah Al Dossary, onboard Mustang Boss 302S, led the pack in T1 category clinching the first place spot with authority.


The combination of American muscle Mustang and Saudi driver’s skills, Al Dossary controlled the beast overtaking all competition like a storm from the very beginning until the end of the race. Second place winner, Bandar Ghalib onboard Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, gave a good effort to capture first place spot but the Boss 302S had the final say.

In the T3 category, Ghassan Afandi and his Ford Fusion accomplished significant progress finishing second at the end of the postponed third round that was suppose to take place during last February. However, and despite an unforced accident that took place during the fifth round, Afandi still finished in fifth place. In the “T2” category, misfortune took over the course for Musaed Al Khowaiter when his Focus RS spun out of control causing an early exit for this fast and powerful car. This misfortune gave the chance to competing drivers with Talal Al Souhil finishing in first place while second place was for Abdulaziz Alyaich and Fahd Tuwaijri finishing in third place.216.f85bf018afc2

As for Super Formula Saudi Cup, Saudi Falcons presented a strong challenge for the first three places. Nevertheless, Bamekdm and his team mate Prince Mohmmed Bin Faisal from Al Jazirah “Saudi Arrows” finished the race in first and third place, respectively while Faisal Kabbani from “Saudi Falcons” managed to win 2nd place at the end of the race.215.6c8f1d39b4d3

Al Jazirah Ford Racing team was present at the race and captain Abdulhadi Al Qahtani put on an exciting drift show onboard team’s car Mustang RTR.