Fail: How not to load a trailer

It sure seems easy. Just drive your F-350 Super Duty onto the flatbed, right? But in these 28 seconds, it all goes so, so wrong.

This short, jittery video shows an F-350 being loaded onto a trailer, about to be towed by another F-350. (Yo dawg, we heard you like trucks.) And it seems to work! Up until the ramps scythe through the rear fenders, anyway. Damn.

It’s almost worth the unintentional hilarity when the cameraman drawls, “YEAH, THAT DIDN’T WORK AT ALL, F**K! Now what do we do?” Well, it’s obvious: post the whole thing to YouTube, garner 6 million views, and hope that the ad revenue will cover your insurance deductible. F**K.

Ford Truck Fail