Fan Appreciation – Justin Jacobs


Here at we like to take a moment every once and awhile to appreciate our fans because without them CoolFords wouldn’t even exist. Today we would like to appreciate Justin Jacobs of Concord, North Carolina.

CF – Tell everyone a little about yourself:

Growing up in the small Kansas town, I was raised by loving parents and had family all around me. I enjoyed art and sports all though my Junior High and High School Years.

Starting down a path of “Graphic Design”, I worked as much as I could for as many people as I could until I had the skills that companies found useful. From Graphic Design, Web-Design and 3D Graphic Design I was finally in a position to start my own company.

Polygon Studios was founded and has products that are still in circulation today. Polygon Studios worked with many companies including Warner Bros., LucasFilms, Hickory Farms and Serta, providing 2D and 3D Graphic solutions for their projects, movies and products. Polygon Studios soon gave way to a new company and new goal… RPM-3D.

RPM-3D was created to assist and provide the Motorsports Industry with High-Definition 3D Computer Graphic Design. Today RPM-3D is a major player in the Motorsports Graphics Industry, and we are continuing to push the “Graphic Design Field” into the future.

RPM-3D Graphics can be seen on over 75% of the NASCAR Race teams Haulers, as well as websites, and marketing materials. RPM-3D also produces a vast majority of the “Sponsor Proposals” for NASCAR teams.

I relocated from Kansas to North Carolina where I continue to run and operate a successful and growing business, RPM-3D, Inc.


CF – How did you get into 3D Modeling:

Having always been fascinated with graphics and movies and special effects, I started playing with 3D programs in High School back in 1996.

After I started modeling some simple things like chairs, tables, light fixtures, etc, I wanted to do more “professional” things. So I founded Polygon Studios, which was built around doing 2D and 3D Graphics for companies. I started modeling Sci-Fi movie vehicles and objects, and being a HUGE Star Wars fan, I joined an online modeling alliance specifically for Star Wars fans and recreating it in 3D.

That got the attention of LucasFilms and they along with a company called Decipher, Inc. created a “Role Playing Card Game” based in the Star Wars Universe called “Jedi Knights Series”. This series of cards used 3D renders and artwork from many of the artists online including some of my 3D stuff. This was a great gig, as at the time I wasn’t making much doing 3D, I had sold a few models of chairs and such, and had started going down the path of doing 3D professionally, but it was hit or miss for the most part.

This card-game artwork however, was personally overseen by George Lucas and the people at LucasFilms, so that was extremely cool!

That opened up a new arena were I started doing some 3D renders and animatics and little interactive things for various clients.

My love of video games, Cars and Racing and 3D all came together when I started getting into the world of NASCAR Simulation Racing. I started designing paint-schemes and even tried my hands at creating modifications to the sim racing games at the time which involved modeling cars, tracks, etc.

I then took that concept and with the help of my very talented 3D friend Jeff Strong, started RPM-3D, Inc. A professional 3D modeling and rendering service that was specifically designed to create custom High Quality 3D models and renders for Motorsports Teams and Commercial Companies. We have since expanded to designing websites, 2D Graphics, Paint-Scheme Designs, Team Designs and Graphic Design Consulting.


CF – What clients have you done work for:

Since the creation of Polygon Studios, and then the transition to RPM-3D, Inc. We have done work for a vast amount of companies, both in the Commercial Industry, Movie Industry and Motorsports Industry.

Some of these include: Serta, Budweiser, Menards, Lucasfilms, Warner Bros., The Decal Source, Motorsports Designs, ProCal, Coors, Hickory Farms, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Jeff Gordon, Steve Park, Kevin Harvick, Richard Childress Racing, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Stewart-Haas Racing, Roush Racing, Carl Edwards, Mark Martin, Dale Earhardt Jr., DEI, Big Lots!, Pepsi, RedBull, Microsoft, CroftGate USA, IndyCar, NASCAR, ARCA, NATIONWIDE, Craftsman, Camping World, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and the list goes on and on.

What got you interested in cars to begin with:

I have always loved cars, especially sports cars, as a child I always played with Matchbox cars and Hot-Wheels… Then when video games started bringing out racing games I couldn’t ever get enough. I worked as a entry level mechanic at my uncle’s garage for a few years while in High School, then that gave way to a computer interest and graphics, so while I still enjoyed cars, I didn’t really follow the path most do…

I wasn’t really into the car scene again, until I started watching NASCAR racing again. Then since I was working for teams and drivers and watching racing all the time I started to get the urge to get back into the car scene. Moving to North Carolina was the perfect venue to do just that… The Car scene is HUGE here in N.C., not to mention the racing scene…

CF – What Ford vehicles have you owned?

My first car was a hand me down 1989 Ford Escort, then a hand me down 91 Ford Ranger… Then almost 16 years later (after owning some Chevy Cars and Trucks), I purchased a 2006 Ford Mustang (Which I still own), and most recently a 2013 BOSS 302.


CF – Tell us about your new Mustang Purchase

Ever since my first Mustang (2006 V6), I have wanted a more powerful mustang, but not just any mustang, a BOSS 302. Well Ford answered in 2012 with the 1969 remake of the BOSS 302. Unfortunately the timing just wasn’t right financially, so, I planned on a 2013 BOSS 302 (1970 remake).

I tried ordering one, but after 10 weeks, the dealer still could not provide any information about the car or when it would arrive…

So I scoured the web and found a dealer that was 2 hours away and they had the exact one I wanted (Race Red with Recaro Seats/Torsen Rear End, and Car Cover and Floor Mats) coming in 2 weeks… that was the longest 2 weeks of my life (after waiting 12 for a car that still to this day has never shown up at the dealer).

Finally on July 13th (Friday the 13th), I purchased my dream car… the 2013 BOSS 302. The car is numbered at 1070. So far its been an amazing car, though I only have about 250 miles on it so far…

I have added Rear Window Louvers (as I love the 70’s look), and though that was an option back then, it still looks great today just like it did back then on a BOSS 302.

My next upgrade is an MGW shifter, as the stock shifter is just not that great (depending on who you talk to). Other than that, the BOSS is staying stock for the most part. Their might be an upgrade or two later on down the road, but that is the beauty of owning a BOSS… you don’t really need to do anything to it…

The BOSS 302 is by far the best “Sports Car/Performance Car” I have ever driven… its a powerful but nimble machine…

CF – Any upcoming road trips or car shows you’ll be taking the new Mustang to?

The car scene and culture is HUGE here in North Carolina, there are always car shows, and cruise-in’s to go to… While I am mainly known by my Flame Wrapped v6 Mustang, the BOSS is my new Car Show and Cruise-In car of choice. The main shows I frequent in the Charlotte area, and of course the HUGE Kannapolis Cruise-in which is one of the best Cruise-In’s in the state. I am not out to win trophies, if it happens it happens, but I am there for the friendships and fun…



CF – What do you like about CoolFords?

What’s not to like? It a great forum and group of people, they have great insight into the world of Ford, always have great images posted, wither it be random Fords or member’s Cars. There forums are also full of information and help if you need it. Plus they also take time to “Feature” member’s cars, trucks, or Ford products… and that is really great!

CF – If People are interested in getting a 3D rendering done, how can they get in touch with you?

RPM-3D, Inc is the best place to start… You can also email me directly at [email protected]

We can do custom 3D models (if you budget allows), or can provide renders and concepts for companies, individuals and groups, alike. Since everything is custom created, and there are so many options, its best to provide a detailed description of what you are looking for and we will provide a quote to you.