Fan Appreciation – Evan Ray


Here at CoolFords, we love to feature fans! Evan Ray was one fan that stuck out to us, so we reached out to him. Turns out, he’s a Ford fan with the gift of photography! Here, Evan gives us a little insight into “StingRay Professional Photography”.

“I was interested in cars, specifically drag racing, long before I was into photography. My family moved next door to a drag racer when I was ten. One Friday we heard his ’73 AMC Javelin pulling out of the garage on the way to test ‘n’ tune at Osceola Dragway. The driver, Bryant Goldstone, asked me if I would like to take a ride to the track and see what everything was like. I took the opportunity and rode along. After a few passes he ran 7.99 seconds in the quarter-mile. He then drove me home…no trailer…just driving. Ever since I have been obsessed with all sorts of cars, especially high power street cars.

I helped out for a handful of years before my parents got me a ’68 Mustang coupe they had been told about. I worked on it for 3 years until one day in the spring on my way home from school it got ran over by a school bus. (I’ll try to throw in a picture of that). In the fall after that incident we purchased a new Mustang with the insurance money the school corporation gave us. I still drive and work on that car which is a ’65 2+2 Fastback which is mostly original. It mostly has very basic upgrades and some cosmetic work. It still has a long way to go but I love it.

Okay, now to the business! I started getting into photography in the fall of 2010. I got my first DSLR and started experimenting. I steadily built up my gear through the beginning of 2011 and started getting requests for work. Ever since I have been shooting just about everything. Cars, weddings, senior pictures, sports, concerts, you name it. My true passion is shooting cars. I shoot at shows, cruise-ins, race tracks and more.

I especially like to schedule jobs for individual cars in cool places. When I do this I can take the time to focus, get creative, and make the most out of all the gear I have purchased over time. I also love shooting racing but it’s tough to shoot in good locations to get practice since you need credentials at most events. My business pretty much started up in the middle of 2011 once I decided on a name, Sting Ray Professional Photography. (It’s a play off my own name, not the Corvette ha-ha).

There really isn’t much out there better than taking photos for someone and knowing they love the results. My car photos have yet to really be recognized so I have been taking them for practice and art more than anything else. My hopes for the business are pretty big. I’d love to freelance for multiple magazines/websites eventually, plus do my photos of people on the side. That’s what would be ideal, but who knows if it’ll work out in my favor. Hope so!”