Fan Appreciation – Brett Levin


Every now and again we like to take moment to appreciate our fans because without them CoolFords wouldn’t even exist. Today we would like to appreciate Brett Levin of Broward County, Florida.

Brett has shared his photography talent with us via a number of CoolFords articles that have been featured on our site, one of his last events was covering the Concours d’ Elegance. We took the time to contact Brett and below is what Brett had to say.


Tell everyone a little about yourself?

Well my name is Brett Levin and I am 17 years old soon to be 18 on April 1st. I live in Broward County, Florida.

What got you interested in Cars to begin with?

I became interested in cars when I was young. I first had a fascination with fire trucks. As a young kid my parents would bring me to fire stations to stop me from crying. Ounce I turned 15 years old I began to research and learn more and more about cars.


How did you get started in photography?

I started doing photography at a young age of five years old. I started off with old film cameras and disposable Kodak cameras. Ounce I got into high school I began to do photography as a hobby. I started doing car shoots with a compact camera with only 8MP. I have since moved up and have gotten better and now use a Nikon D3100 DSLR. I now work as a freelance photographer doing private shoots on cars and on architecture. I have worked extremely hard to get to the position I am in and creating my brand.


What Ford do you own?

I currently own one Ford and it is also my first car ever! It is a 2008 Ford Escape Limited 3.0L V6 which I got as my first car when I turned 16 as a surprise from my mom.

What’s your favorite Ford Vehicle and why?

My favorite Ford is the Ford Mustang Boss 302. I love mustangs because of the sound of that V8 engine and the exhaust note is so perfect. I just love pure American muscle over import or luxury any day.


Why do you like CoolFords?

I like CoolFords because it is where I can connect with other Ford owners and Ford lovers! I enjoy seeing other peoples rides and reading what they have done to them. Even though I may be some of the few who have a Ford Escape I enjoy posting about new modifications I have done to my Escape which can range from exterior modifications to interior modifications.

Do you have a link to your photos?

Yes you can look and a few pictures and learn more information about me