EcoBoost Challenge 2013 Rose Bowl

(Pasadena, CA) – At the Ford EcoBoost Challenge you can compare the Fusion to the Camry, Escape to a CRV, or go all out on a timed track with a Focus ST and the new Fiesta ST. If you’d rather relax you can also test your hand out at hypermiling in a C-Max Engergi.

The 2013 Ecoboost Challenge is on 13-city tour where Ford can show off the latest innovations. As with most new technologies, the EcoBoost system could benefit from a national public tour. “The customer needs to experience the car,” explained Ford Product Manager Antonio Baltar Jr.

We also captured some video going around the track in a Focus ST which you can see here:

Our friend Tom Fong was also in attendance and made a cameo appearance in the video with some choice words about the Ecoboost Challenge.