eBay Find: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I


This 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I Q code is the car everybody dreams of finding stuffed away somewhere. We were lucky… we found one! This car was ordered by a Local Ford Glass employee named Pharris. He ordered two cars one for each of his sons. At the time the car was built he traveled to Detroit to pick this car up. The build date on the car is 2/27/69 the car shows sold on 2/28/69. The car was brought back here to TN where it spent its entire life.

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In the early days the car was raced locally and street driven occasionally. One car was sold in the 70s this one stayed with the original owner. It sat most of the time under a carport until the late 90s then it was put in dry storage. The car has had 1 repaint at some point and has its original quarters,doors and rockers. When purchased, the car the front floors were soft and they had replacement front pans professionally installed.


The car has had some front end parts replaced, the story goes that when the car was fairly new a boat and trailer got loose from someone at the owners residence and hit this car in the frontend. You can see the Ford stencil on the lower valance that was replaced (pictured) both inner aprons will need a little straightening. The car still retains its original fenders so the damage was not severe. The car has an old repaint that still shines but shows its age.

The powerplant is a 428 CJ with a 9B19 casting date, the L head is a 8K17 and the R head is 9B12. The intake and distributor are both dated 8M13 and the water pump is 8M11. The carb is not correct but the wrap around throttle cable bracket is present. The transmission is a correct PGB code with a cast iron tail shaft. I have a picture of the tag mounted to the servo cover on the right side. The rear axle has no tag but the build date on the chunk is 8M11.

A new gas tank has been installed along with new dual exhaust withan H pipe and correct tips. The brakes system has been redone also. The car runs and drives as it should with lots of power and no smoke. The rear axle is quiet and the transmission shifts well. On the inside the car was completely original when we purchased it. The headliner was coming apart and the carpeting came apart when we tore the car down to put pans in it.

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