Detroit Block Party

(Detroit, Mi) – Auto fans came together last weekend as Randy Kohler pulled off another epic event shutting down the streets of Detroit for the first annual Detroit Block Party sponsored by Michigan Gumball Rally.

The purpose of the free event was to bring people together and highlight the city of Detroit. In a recent interview Randy said “Detroit is a place for opportunity” he added “The city of Detroit Police Dept. and Firefighters showed overwhelming support, we had a great time and making plans to organize another event like this at the end of the summer.

The event was held on the historic streets of Detroit’s Milwaukee Junction in front of Henry Ford’s first Model T Factory , the T-Plex Museum. From dusk till dawn Randy and the Michigan Gumball team shut down the streets for an organized display of drifting, street racing and motorcycle stunts. Even Abe Lincoln joined the action when a Ferrari raced a classic Ford Mustang.

Here is the Link:

CoolFord’s photographer Patrick Krupa was on site, and got some amazing pictures of the event. Patrick has been working with the Michigan Gumball organizers to photograph the changes that has been taking place in Detroit.

Gumball Girl Lindsay Felix also went for a ride in this supercharged Mustang GT and even did a couple of donuts at the end of this video.

There was a wide variety of vehicles and it was cool to see all these vehicles come together where it all started, where Henry Ford built the very first mass production vehicles. We hosted this event on the very same streets where Henry Ford started it all. We pay respect to our automobile heritage by organizing positive, fun events that anyone can join. That is what the Michigan Gumball Rally is all about.