CoolFords Racing Team – Interview with Bob Stephens from High Noon Motorsports

I recently had the opportunity to do a interview with Bob Stephens from High Noon Motorsports, which is the newest Race Team within the CoolFords Racing Circle.

Cool Fords has developed a partnership with High Noon Motorsports. With that, High Noon is now a member of the Cool Fords Racing Team, and that means we will be doing a number of things to increase Facebook fan count for High Noon Motorsports by spreading the word to our 7,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers. We hope by sharing cool pics, live updates and HD videos of your involvement in motor-sports that we can become a major player in Ford related news.

CF – Alright lets first do a quick intro for the Team and tell the fans who does what?

Bob Stephens – High Noon Motorsports is divided into what we call ‘North’ and ‘South’. Steve Noake, Marty Raguckas race a BMW with the SCCA up in the Northeast at tracks like Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, etc. Dave Raguckas serves as mechanic. Down ‘South’ it’s me and Ron Eaton doing the racing and turning wrenches. For the Fireball Run this September, Aaron Thomas of Escort Radar will be joining me.

CF – When did you figure out you wanted to form a Race Team?

Bob Stephens – It was actually a long time coming when Ron Eaton and I were doing SCCA, NASA and PBOC events. When we signed up for the first Fireball Run, we decided it was time to step up our game. I came up with High Noon Motorsports and during the 2007 Fireball Run is when we met avid SCCA racer, Steve Noake. The rest is history.

CF – What racing experience do you have?

Bob Stephens – I do track events with mostly NASA (National Auto Sport Association) and during events like the Fireball Run and the One Lap of America.

CF – Who has inspired you to get involved with not only Racing, but who inspired you to get involved with the Automotive world?

Bob Stephens – My dad, of course! He surprised my mom with a brand new 1976 Pontiac Firebird Formula when I was 7. I’ll never forget that car! My dad did some dirt track racing back in Indiana. Going to the grocery store with my mom, instead of candy, I wanted the latest Car and Driver magazine. It was all downhill from there!

CF – How difficult has it been getting Sponsors? and are any of them Cash Sponsors?

Bob Stephens – The biggest thing with sponsors, is giving them the biggest return-on-investment (ROI) that you can. I promote my sponsors where I can, when I can. Sponsors help in different different ways, from product to cash. If you have a good proposal and are at events with great exposure, you’ll find sponsors.


CF – Is High Noon Motorsports looking for more Sponsors?

Bob Stephens – Currently we have a number of sponsors including Ford Racing, Goodyear, Escort Radar, Nitrous Express and 3M Wraps. We’re always interested in talking with potential sponsors. Anybody have Donald Trump’s number?

CF – Name all the Race Tracks you have Raced on

Bob Stephens – I consider my home track Sebring as that’s the one I see the most. I’ve also run on Homestead, Palm Beach International, MSR Houston, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Daytona, Autobahn Country Club, Heartland Park, Summit Point, Carolina Motorsports Park, Circuit Grand Bayou, Barber, Grattan and probably a few more I forgot about.

CF – What vehicles make up the High Noon Motorsports Team? and who are the Drivers?

Bob Stephens – Up North, Steve and Marty race two BMW 2002s. Down South, Ron and I campaign a 1997 Ford Mustang GT and 1985 Mercury Capri.


CF – What kind of Racing is High Noon Motorsports involved with?

Bob Stephens – We’re primarily a road racing and rally team. We compete with the SCCA, NASA and also do events like the One Lap of America and the Fireball Run. We are also looking at the America Adventure Rally, Bullrun, Targa NewFoundland and others.

CF – Describe your style on the Race Track?

Bob Stephens – Accelerate until you see God, then brake! LOL!

CF – What equipment do you use on the Track? Snap-On? or ???

Bob Stephens – Whatever other teams will lend us! We actually keep it fairly pedestrian since tools are always getting lost, borrowed and broke.

CF – Does High Noon Motorsports have Truck-Trailer Transport between Races?

Bob Stephens – We actually just pull the Mustang in a 24’ enclosed trailer. The guys up North do the same. Though they have a Diesel Motorcoach and we only have an garden variety Class A RV!

CF – What Dream Vehicle would you like to add to the High Noon Motorsports Team? maybe a 2012 BOSS 302 Laguna Seca?

Bob Stephens – If you ever see the #4 or #40 Ford GTs of Robertson Racing, then it’s an easy answer. I saw them at the 12 Hours of Sebring and those cars are monsters! Realistically, a Laguna Seca would be great, but I think most of those will see the garage more than the track. After seeing Billy Johnson’s success during this year’s One Lap of America, I’d love to have a new Roush Stage 3 Mustang.



CF – How important is it to have a Fan Page on Facebook for High Noon Motorsports?

Bob Stephens – It’s very important for us. It keeps us connected with our fans on a daily basis. It also keeps us connected to our sponsors. We can update on a minute by minute basis.

CF – What do you look forward to with the partnership between and High Noon Motorsports?

Bob Stephens – I look forward to increased exposure for both High Noon and Cool Fords, meeting new Ford fans and moving on to bigger and better things in the future. I hope that the fans of Cool Fords will enjoy following us throughout the year at all of our events. We’ll post updates , pictures and videos while sharing our insights into these events. Cool Fords has a great following and I encourage everyone to find us on Facebook and Twitter!