Cleaning my Mustang with Turtle Wax

With so many wax and automotive cleaning products on the market its tough to decide what to use on your Ford. Well the good people over at 426 Inc. are working with Turtle Wax on releasing some new products and were kind enough to send me some. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try some out on my Mustang, below are before and after photos for you to check out.

The box arrived from Turtle Wax and included: Scratch Repair Kit, Headlight Lens Restorer, Black Box, ICE Synthetic Wax, and ICE Total Interior Care.

I had just the right car for this review, as you can see below my Mustang was a little neglected over the past few months, both inside and out were coated in dirt and grind. Ive heard on numerous occasions at work that I needed to clean my car. I was probably days away from someone scribbling on the car – Please Wash Me! Unfortunately I don’t have a black car to try out the Turtle Wax Black Box so I went to the Pep Boys and picked up Carnauba Cleaner Wax.

ICE Total Interior Care:

After a thorough rinse down and vacuum I began cleaning the inside using the ICE Total Interior Care. As directed I sprayed in on an old cotton shirt and right away I knew this was powerful stuff, it was breaking a part dirt with barely any effort. What was most impressive was the dried sap-like residue that was stuck on my driver side door. That stuff had been there when I bought my 1994 Mustang used in 1999! I sprayed ICE Total Interior Care directly on it and it broke it down and started coming off. I had tried several other cleaners in the 11 years but nothing worked well. I was stoked when this stuff came off. After reading the ICE Total Interior Care directions, I tried spraying it on the carpet and sure enough the grease started breaking up and I quickly soaked it up with a paper towel.

Headlight Lens Restorer:

One of the reasons I upgraded the headlights on my Mustang was because the stock headlights turned that ugly yellow color and I thought they were ready for the trash. So I upgraded the headlights a few years ago. However the fog lamps I had bought 5 years ago started showing signs of yellowing. Using the Headlight Lens Restorer was pretty easy, 1 tube of compound, 1 spray bottle and 3 fine sand papers and a resin sealant. I was pretty happy the results and would have liked to tried it on my old headlights before I through them away, I probably could have gotten money if I had used this stuff then sold them.

Carnauba Cleaner Wax:

Let’s just say my right arm is feeling tired from buffing out the wax half the afternoon, but it was worth the effort. It was a hot day and I applied the Turtle Wax in the garage and moved it outside for 10mins to dry before bringing it back it to buff down. There’s nothing like that nearing the end of the finish line feeling when your buffing the last quarter panel covered in sweat and you finish, step back and just stare at your hard work. I haven’t seen my Mustang waxed in over 2 years and I forgot about the glossy darker color change that its turns after being waxed. Overall I was very pleased with the results, I have been using Turtle Wax for several years and I think i will continue for several more!

I want to thank Turtle Wax and 426 Inc. again for helping supply me with several new Turtle Wax cleaning products, I look forward to trying the Scratch Repair Kit and ICE Synthetic Wax to keep up and further improve the appearance of my Mustang.