2012 Le Mans Classic – Carroll Shelby Tribute

(La Sarthe, France) – The late great Texan Carroll Shelby was paid homage at this years Le Mans Classic. The legend first raced at the 13.6km Circuit de la Sarthe back in 1954, winning himself with Aston Martin in 1959. His very own Cobras would come back to shine in the year’s ‘63 and ’64.

In support of the tribute was an amazing collection of original cars from Ford – I’ve never seen so many Ford GT40’s ever. Thankfully all the cars were seen in action on the track, and not just parked up for static display.

It was truly sensory overload as the multi-million dollar cars were actually raced and not just paraded around. The sound of the classic race tuned Ford V8’s reverberating up into the grandstands is something I will never forget – epic!

The Le Mans Classic is held every two years and there is ‘almost’ too much to see and do in the three days that the event is on. Clubs turn up from all over Europe to show their cars, and the manufacturers turn out some rare stuff too. Put this one on your bucket list guys – it’s awesome!