CoolFords Racing Team – Interview with Team Pony Boyz

We’re excited to announce the addition of another racing crew to the CoolFords Racing Team! We set our sights on the home state of Ford Motor Company and found two up-and-coming racers who have their gauges dialed on wining the 2011 Michigan Gumball Rally. It is with that determination and focus that we proudly welcome Ryan Robinson and Trevor Hinds to the team.

CF – Let’s do quick intros and tell our fans who does what.

TPB – Ryan Robinson is the car owner and and primary driver. The car would not be much with out its mechanic and Co-driver, Trevor Hinds. Ryan is in charge of finding sponsors and organizing meets/races with other drivers. Trevor, being the mastermind under the hood, ensures the car is running smooth and does most of the mechanical work.

CF – So what exactly is the Michigan Gumball Rally?

TPB – The Michigan Gumball Rally is a long distance driving challenge. It takes place over 2 days and 1000 miles touring the great state of Michigan. Dubbed “The Ultimate Road Trip”, it brings car enthusiasts together to explore Michigan and its history. We tour the state going from checkpoint to checkpoint, seeing landmarks and the beauty that the state has to offer. 100 teams are accepted with a grand prize of $15,000.

CF – Have you participated in other rallies?

TPB – This will be our first organized rally.

CF – Which rallies are you guys looking at next?

TPB – For the remainder of 2011 we have our eyes on a few rallies including the famous Cannonball Run Rat Race from New York to California, as well as organizing a Florida Gumball Rally late this year. Next year we plan on participating in The Gold Rush Rally, Michigan Gumball Rally, Bullrun USA Rally, The Cannonball Run and the Florida Gumball Rally.

CF – What equipment do you use while on the road?

TPB – Snap-On Tools, because they are the best. A little bit of elbow grease and a giant hammer! Any show or event we go to we are fully prepared for any type of breakdown. The most important thing to bring with you on a rally, is a good, and winning attitude. Win or Lose, we have a good time.

CF – Where do you stay during long distance rallies? 5 star hotels? Motel 6? In the car? Tent?

TPB – The entry fees that we pay cover our hotel accommodations, usually 5 star hotels and meals. Living the dream!

CF – Do you have any cash sponsors?

TPB – Since the rallies we participate in have a high dollar buy in, about 90% of our sponsors are cash only sponsorships. Our biggest sponsor is a local customs shop, Unique Customs, they have been very generous with finances and the customization of our ride.

CF – Are you looking for more sponsors?

TPB – Yes, we are still looking for sponsors and making the move into nationally recognized sponsors. The costs of the rallies we plan on running are close to $50,000 per year in entry fees alone. So the more help we receive the more opportunities we have to participate in rallies around the United States.

CF – You guys drive a 1999 Mustang but don’t have force induction. Explain yourselves.

TPB – Naturally aspirated baby!

CF – Is it a V8? TPB – Our mustang is a ‘V6’. We have built our Mustang to make a V8 look silly, usually we see them in our rear view mirrors.

CF – Do you guys go to the drag strip or participate in road course racing?

TPB – We try to hit the drag strip as much as we can but we are active in the underground racing scene in Michigan. We don’t go to tracks to race, mainly keep it on the streets.

CF – How important is it for you to have a team fan page on Facebook?

TPB – Having a Facebook page is very important to us. Seeing as it is a huge media outlet, we use it to keep our fans updated and promote our team as well as letting potential sponsors know who we are.

CF – Is a Twitter account and Youtube channel in the works?

TPB – We can see a twitter page in the near future, but Youtube videos are on their way!

CF – CoolFords has developed a very unique partnership with Team Pony Boyz. For the first time, as a member of the CoolFords Racing Team, we set up a contest to aggressively increase your Team Pony Boyz Facebook fan count by spreading the word to our 3,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers. We hope by sharing cool pics, live updates and HD videos of your involvement in motorsports that we can become a major player in Ford related news. What are your thoughts and comments about this partnership?

TPB – CoolFords has made a huge difference in our goals and run for stardom. They support us 100% in what we do, and do anything they can to help us achieve our goals. We would like to thank CoolFords for their sponsorship and all of the support they have given us. CoolFords helps us get attention from those people and companies that would not otherwise know about us.